all about the bale

The bale is a company that upkeeps beautiful gardens and provides clients with exclusive plants & products. We have years of experience and resources. As clients’ lives and properties evolve, we respond to their requirements and grow from year to year. If you book us you will be able to benefit from our unique approach and services. Tastes and trends are always shifting so we pride ourselves on being knowledge based and guiding you.

why choose the bale

We learn about our clients gardens and lifestyles and then we develop a sound strategy for applying our upkeep skills and services. We appreciate that everyone has different needs and levels of requirements so we tailor our approach to fulfil any brief, of any size.

We have been upkeeping Gardens and Landscapes exclusively for private clients for years. Due to popular demand we have expanded our operation and are pleased to be able to offer our bespoke services to a wider customer base now. 

We are a resourceful, diligent and knowledgeable hub that always upkeep to the highest of standards. If you think we might be a good fit for you we would be delighted to hear from you.


ask away

some questions and answers

When we say we will. We have a trusted system of bookings and sound methodology behind all of our planning.

No problem. We are happy to advise and assist with reclaiming or restoring a garden, maximising on what exists with the property and offering smart solutions.

Level of involvement is client driven. We are comfortable with completely taking over and maintaining, and we will just get on with it.

We are experts in implementing and sustaining high yield, all year round cut flower gardens. Whether its just a designated patch or on a large productive scale we have the proven experience to achieve this. We create schemes that directly complement the interiors of homes so bringing outside in is effortless.

As much as we are happy to guide, were are just as happy to be guided. Many clients have a vision for their property and garden and just need an experienced team to create it, upkeep it or improve it. We are here to help.

Our garden tidy services are explempary and our events upgrades are a speciality. We understand the high pressure of planning an event so we offer a high-end service to accommodate. The bale has a successful track record of art directing and transforming gardens for themed and occasion specific parties, pop-ups and events.

your garden

by the bale

our experience

We look after domestic gardens and estates so we understand the specific demands and needs of the whole spectrum. We have years of proven experience with a varied property portfolio of gardens and landscapes that grow and flourish throughout the seasons.

  • Landscape Upkeep
  • Domestic Garden Upkeep
  • Estate Management
  • Productive Gardens
  • Interactive gardens for children
  • Modern Gardens
  • Heritage Gardens

our core values

By upkeeping gardens over the years for discerning clients we know how to ensure their longevity and success, and most of all we really care. If we are entrusted then we look after our clients and are driven to uphold the highest quality of services at all times.

  • Reliability : we stick to the program
  • Communication : we listen
  • Attention to detail : straight means straight
  • Maintaining standards : we love what we do
  • Efficiency : we always practice good waste management & recycling
  • Strategic : we are solution people
  • Resourceful : pushing for good water harvesting solutions

join the bale

Get all your garden upkeep needs fulfilled by experienced horticulturists and our extremely tidy services