Plant Pantry

Welcome to our selection of favourites for Cotswolds gardens. If you book our upkeep services then you can plan ahead with our Planting Calendar and select your favourite seasonal top up stock from the Plant Pantry. All the staples are available that you would expect so please enquire if you do not see them listed here. Supply only to bale customers currently.


Pre-order Peonies limited stock levels, varieties available to be listed soon. Also Salvia Roseum, Iris Superstition, Astrantia Shaggy and Gaura Lindheimeri, Alchemilla Mollis. Limited edition 20ltr. Viburnum Roseum shrubs and specimen front door size lollipops for planters



Foxgloves Dalmation & Peaches, Ferns – various available, Erigeron, Cornus Canadensis, Agastache Black Adder, Chocolate Peppermint, Phlox Clouds of perfume, Lavender Phenomenal (x intermedia var.). Hydrangeas Limelight, Little Lime & Bobo



Peonies IN STOCK.  Lavenders, enquire direct, wide selection, Herb selection, Echinacea Fatal Attraction and White Swan, Verbena Lollipop, Anemone  leveillei & x hybrids September Charm. Wide selection of Ornamental Grasses – enquiry direct. Limited edition mature Wisterias, flowering in year 1 (on install), Achillea The Pearl, Ammi magus Green Mist Plugs and Sweet Pea plugs (very limited stock – please pre-order)



Agapanthus Snowy Owl & Black Panther (for pots and planters), Viola freckles, Herb collections ready to go in wooly pots, Rosa Blush Noisette. Limited Editions Fig & Olive trees (large patio planter sized), & evergreen Jasmine panels



Tulip Bulbs, Allium Bulbs, sold as colour collections, details coming soon. Also, White Narcissi selection, Hellebores. Flash sale on various perennial stock



Premium Trees, Hedging stock – rootball and bare root Beech, Hornbeam, Yew. Specimen topiary, updates to follow. Dahlias from our capsule collection 


“Keep checking in, our website is new so some areas are under development. We are working as hard as we can to populate and stock up the Plant Pantry daily. We hope you can be patient and grow with us”

– from the bale upkeepers

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Enquire direct for seasonal specimen tree, hedge and topiary planting availability and services

To book just email us at the bale with your Pantry enquiries or give us a call

  • Next door to HC Gardens, find us at the Upkeeper's Barn
  • By appointment - Bolton's Lane, Combe Oxon OX29 8NB
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