all about the seasons

You can count on the bale to put care & attention into every aspect of your outdoor living space during each season. We bridge the transition between the seasons, creating a sense of outdoor hygge all year round for you. Our unobtrusive upkeep staff will happily squirrel away month to month doing the thinking so you don’t have to.

the bale seasons

We are all about the seasons around here, believing in the merits of each and maximising on their benefits.

We encourage outdoor living and a connectivity to your garden as a vital extension to your home. It’s time right now to start preparing for Spring and Summer. In Spring and Summer we will already be forward thinking and deploying our methodologies so that your Autumn and Winter garden will remain beautiful and calm throughout the yearly cycle.


The highlights of Spring are fairly self explanatory. Who doesn’t love the days growing longer and seeing those first buds and signs of blossom and bulbs. To enhance your Spring space visit our Plant Pantry to book your essential top ups.


Because our philosophy is to maximise on every season Summer doesn’t necessarily become the be-all and end-all. This is essential incase we get a wash out British Summer which is not uncommon. However, the highlights are that we focus on implementing & upkeeping sumptuous borders, lush trees for shade, immaculate outdoor chilling & entertaining spaces, splendid lawns and productive spaces. That’s just to name a few.

maximise on every season

Every season is a highlight. Find out how we will upkeep your grounds or gardens to achieve the optimum results so you can simply exist in all the benefits of a calm outdoor space


Autumn can be short lived but nonetheless should be championed. When all is ablaze with colour and you are embraced by an invigorating crisp coolness it’s essential to stay connected with the outdoors, just as much as you did in Spring & Summer. We are happy to keep on top of the chores so you only have to think about layering up and reaping the rewards of harvest season.


Even when it is just too cold or wet to venture out, a beautiful Winter garden is essential to look out onto. We simply won’t accept anything less for you. Winter season can take up a lion’s share of the year so we believe its our job to maximise on its pared-back beauty. Ensuring your garden has good Winter bones coupled with our winterising techniques means that the colder months can be beneficial, not just bleak.

your garden

Benefit from our all seasons approach and contact us at any time of year to be assisted with your grounds or garden. We promise to make your outdoor space in to your own personal all year round place to retreat


Essential services maintaining your garden and peace of mind


Planting from the Pantry and coveted new elements installed


Reclaimation of existing gardens, hard & soft landscapes restored

events calendar

Plan your events by season with the bale’s month to month guide and inspirations