Upkeep calendar

To ensure success and longevity the bale plans ahead and books your garden upkeep essentials for the year. We methodically produce an Upkeep package tailored specifically to your requirements. Consider some of your weekly and monthly garden tasks from our calendar


Trim evergreen topiary & hedges, staking supports of some plants, train & tie in new climbers growth, drench feed once monthly, all hard surfacing swept free of debris or drop, apply preventative health mix to box, all lawn maintenance mow, feed, keep all borders edged, water monitoring overall, manually water planters, weeding, pest control on tender perennials, dead heading, deep clean furnishings and walkways/ heavy traffic areas


Continue water monitoring, harvesting fruits, etc., apply pesticide & fungicide as preventative measure, apply vine weevil control to all hedges and topiary, plus border control if required, apply slow release plant specific granular feed top dressing, apply last box health mix for the year, top up Tulip bulbs, plant new bulbs, begin cutting back species specific perennials, staking supports of some plants, all lawn maintenance, mow, keep all borders edged, all areas swept and tidy


Leaf clearance & removal, harvesting, cut back lavender, tree & hedge maintenance, irrigation review & water harvesting strategies, cut back species specific perennials, mulch tender perennial crowns after cut back, plan new specimen tree & shrub planting, schedule and order, deep clean hard surfaces, lift dahlias after last frost and store, winterise greenhouses,  final border edge for season, surfaces swept & tidy, shape and attend espaliers and topiary 


Leaf clearance & removal, tree & hedge maintenance, decommission irrigation systems & water features, surfaces kept swept & tidy


Surface safety for mainly used areas and access – foot traffic and vehicles, with contingency for snow clearance if applicable, once free of leaf drop, review and top up all borders with mulch, area specific graded, replenish wildlife feeders, wildlife pond maintenance, reinstate Christmas lights


Snow clearance & surface safety for mainly used areas and access – foot traffic and vehicles, perimeter repairs – wear & tear on fencing whilst ground covers are dormant, garden property profile review, report & call to action on any issues and upgrades


Snow clearance & surface safety, replenish wildlife feeders, light prune on topiary & hedges, rose pruning and renovation, wisteria renovation, cutting back, tying in, pruning, apply preservation treatment to hazel, willow, chestnut weave elements, plan productive and cut flower borders yields 


Deep clean of hardsurfacing, furniture, play equipment, re-commission irrigation systems & water features, start feeding programme to trees, shrubs, topiary, hedges, perennials & lawns, weeding, pest control,  pick up in stick and twig drop, aerate lawns and top dress, apply health treatments, scarify as required, wildlife pond maintenance, re-instate greenhouses, sow some garden specific seed yields from planner

“We want your green space to be a place to live, flourish and experiment in. We pride ourselves on taking the hassle out of gardening so that you, your family, guests and pets can all just enjoy the benefits of outside all year round”

– from the bale upkeepers

To book your garden or grounds upkeep just email us at the bale or give us a call

  • Next door to HC Gardens, find us at the Upkeeper's Barn
  • By appointment - Bolton's Lane, Combe Oxon OX29 8NB
  • 01865 807750
  • upkeep@thebale@co.uk
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