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Here at the bale we believe that your home & garden are your nest. We have all your needs covered. As forward thinkers, the bale will deliver everything you need to achieve the calm that you crave

When we get appointed to become the upkeepers of a property we feel honoured and don’t take our responsibilities lightly. 

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In a fast paced world everyone ultimately wants their home to be a place to tuck up in. Some people have to bring work home, often its a combination of the two. The common thread though is that no one wants to have to overthink it. Gardens take up a lot of time and effort to be successful all year round, time that most families with busy lifestyles don’t have. Outdoor chores and tasks can become overwhelming. At the bale we understand that it is our job to take matters into our hands and upkeep your outdoor space to the same level of functionality and standards that you operate indoors.

consider it done

Not only do we understand why you need a hassle free structured service, but we have a methodology in place that is always looking forward. We will always tailor our upkeep services to suit your particular household and lifestyle, but we will also provide you with the extra details that you deserve.


in essence

The bale can restore the calm to your outdoor living existence. The upkeepers will then conscientiously sustain it. You will be able to regain the confidence that all your garden’s needs are taken care of so you can essentially focus on your dwelling place.

So let us take care of you and your garden. We will provide you with all that is needed to make your garden thrive, plus we will also pamper it with as much additional detail and attention that you request.

Our services are uniquely focused on each month and are designed to help you get the absolute most out of every season that your outdoors has to offer you.


customer review

“The bale are an upstanding team that have looked after my gardens so reliably for years. They know my household so well. They have everything covered, and just when I think I might need something they seem to have already thought of it!”

– D Rogerson, Burford property

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Plan ahead with our planting calendar and select your favourite seasonal top up stock from the Plant Pantry